Missy Wilde

Author of erotica stories.


Missy is an accounting geek during the day. As much fun as that is, it gets even better at night. Then she writes erotic fiction. Single-handed as one hand is always in her pants.


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Spaß im Zug

Nancy war auf einem Ausflug in ihre alte Heimat in den Bergen. Jetzt nimmt sie den Zug zurück in ihr neues Zuhause, die Großstadt. Im Zug trifft sie auf Tim und beide erleben eine spontane und sehr intime Zweisamkeit noch direkt während der Fahrt.

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Das Pizza-Spiel

Nancy ist gerade in die große Stadt ihrer Universität umgezogen. Während sie auf der Suche nach einer Wohnung ist, freundet sie sich umgehend mit Sandy an. Beide finden eine Wohnung, die sie gemeinsam beziehen.

An ihrem ersten Abend bekommen sie dort Besuch von Rob für eine kleine Einstandfeier. Nachdem sie sich eine riesige Pizza bestellt haben, nehmen die Ereignisse auf einmal ihren Lauf und die Party wird heiß. Es dauert nicht lange und alle drei sind nackt und haben ganz andere Sachen vor, als ihre Pizza zu essen.

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Happy Valentine's Day

"Happy Valentine's Day"

Lucy has been in a relationship with Vince for ages. At least it seems that way. And over time the lust and appetite for each other seem to have been lost. Lucy doesn't know what to do and how to get their love life back on track.

But is a one night stand with somebody else the way to go?

And how will the upcoming Valentine's Day turn out to be a happy one?

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Shopping Trip

Nancy slowly acquaints herself with the big city where she goes to college. However, in order to fit in accordingly, she decides to raise the ante with her dressing style. She decides to hit the mall in order to pick up some great new outfit. <!--more-->

There, she not only finds some great clothing to buy but also some people who make the trip totally awesome and a great sensual experience.

This is part three in the “Big City Life” series.

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Into the Summer

Sarah just turned 18. She is sent by her parents to the lonesome farm of her aunt and uncle for the summer. Just like all those years before. What is different this year, though, is that she is not alone. Jimmy is there for the summer to help out with some of the day to day farm work. He just turned 18 as well. And it seems that Sarah and Jimmy hit it off pretty well right from the start.

This story tells the events of the first day with both Sarah and Jimmy at the farm. They meet for the first time, they spend the day with each other for the first time and they get in bed together for the first time as well.

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Pizza Game

Nancy just moved to the big city of her university. Looking for a space to live she immediately hooks up with Sandy and they both share a place as room mates. On their first night there, Rob joins them to celebrate. Soon the party turns wilde and the three get some hot action going.

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